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They said "Let the wicked born live amongst us. How else are we to prove unto ourselves and others our justness and providence." Let justness be granted its own black death and let your providence be put to the test.

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Delightful chaos can't continue forever. Order or should I say sanity has once again provided a sense of balance. Con, as always, will be the blowout that everyone needs. Life will reaffirm itself, deals will be made, and as usual my future for the next year will be determined. I hope to see everyone there. May the madness take us all!
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Everyone is a captin

Singed by words traveling on a breath of flame which is driven by the sharpened barbs of a silver edged tongue. Lost and deafened by whirlwind of implications, motives, and contradictory actions. One may, with a good crew, use such formidable forces to one's own benefit. A flame- to warm your hands, to heat your food, and to fire your cannons. A silver edge with sharpened barbs- to help mend your sails and fish for food. The whirlwind- you have simply to hoist the sails and steer in the direction of your favorite star. Take care to remember these kind of winds almost always follow the path of the great rivers, away from its source.
On that voyage may your friendships be like good coffee- warm, strong, and always in plentiful amounts.

So, what's going on?

1) The military kicking ass in Iraq.
2) People playing their games.
3) Coffee warms the hands and hearts of thousands.
4) A porch light is turned off.
5) Me, smiling in the dark.

Life,Love,and Housepets

Night's presence has brought back to me gift of quiet contemplative thought. I found a number of messages waiting for me in the form of e-mail. One of which keeps me thinking. If you find yourself in an incredibly bad house fire, should you spend time looking for your wayward house pet? The question seemed to stick in my head. It's a valid question on many different levels. I remember in years past hearing of people perishing for doing just that. I also remember many comments questioning the intelligence of the victims. Dead trying to save a cat!?! I guess it depends upon what kind of person you are. Would you take the time or run back inside a burning building? Would you sit safely outside and wonder? Having thought things through and applying lessons learned, I'll never again get a pet that plays with matches.